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Mega Meats specializes in providing the highest-quality pork from two industry leaders in Hatfield and Leidy's. Always fresh and paper-packed, never vacuum-packed. Custom cuts are available as well.
Butts... (with bone, boneless)
Loins... (with bone, boneless)
Ribs... (baby, baby back, St. Louie's)
Picnic... (skin on, cushion)
Fresh Hams... (with bone, boned, and tied)
Shanks... (osso bucco)

Mega Meats Inc
Mega Meats Inc


Quality is king when it comes to beef. Lower grades of beef will just not taste right regardless of how well seasoned or prepared it is. We carry only the top grades and brands in the business. National's Certified Black Angus, Prime, and Sterling Silver are all brands we feature at Mega Meats. We are committed to offering these high-quality items at the most competitive price as possible. Grass-fed and dry-age cuts are available as well.

Shells... (with bone, boneless)
Rib-Eyes... (with bone, boneless)
Pismo Tenderloins... (filet mignon)
Skirts... (peeled, unpeeled)
Short Loins... (porterhouse)
Short Ribs... (with bone, boneless)
Flank Steak
Pepper Steak... (10 lb. bag)
Beef Stew... (10 lb. bag)

Top Rounds... (trim and tied, 1/4'' trim, cap-off)
Top Butts
Peeled Knuckles
Eye - Rounds
Chuck Rolls... (for grinding)
Pectoral Meat... (trimmings)


Chicken has become a staple of the American diet. We buy all our poultry direct from companies like Marjack, Mountaire and Wayne Farms, which are two of the most distinguished poultry companies in the market. Organic free-range chickens are also available.

Chicken Cutlets... (10 lb. pre-sliced breasts)
Breasts... (with bone, boneless)
Legs & Tenders

Leg 1/4's
Whole Chickens
Jumbo Party Wings

Mega Meats Inc
Mega Meats Inc


Mega Meats only serves the highest quality of American raised veal. There is a noticeable difference with American veal. It is considerably more tender and tastier then imported brands. Here are the cuts we offer:

Top Rounds
Leg Sliced
Veal Chop Portions


Loin Fillets
Shanks... (osso bucco)
4 oz. Veal Fillets Sliced... (frozen portions)
6 oz. Leg Sliced... (frozen portions)

Italian Specialties

Mega Meats has been a staple in the New York Italian community since its opening. We provide all the meat to make your homemade sausage, sopressata, prosciutto, pancetta, and capicola. Casings and all the supplies you would need for drying your meat are available as well. Don't feel like doing it yourself? We carry all those items already made as well as a full line of imported cheeses, oils, olives, and much more.

Dry Sausage... (sweet, hot)
Dry Sopressata... (sweet, hot)
Dry Capicola... (sweet, hot)
Prosciutto... (imported, Deparma, domestic)
Olives... (oil cured, Kalamata, imported)
Olive Oil... (extra virgin, organic, pure olive oil)
Mortadella... (minis)
Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Anchovies... (imported, domestic)
Parmagian Reggiano
Pecorino Romano
Imported Provolone
Fiore De Sardegna
Fresh Mozzarella... (1 lb., Bocconcini, loaves)

Mega Meats Inc
Mega Meats Inc


We carry a full line of frozen products. Everything to help make preparing easier while not sacrificing a lot of quality.

French Fries... (reg. cut clear coated, curly)
Onion Rings
Jamaican Beef Patties
Wings... (hot, breaded mild)
Mozzarella Stick...(breaded, battered)
Zucchini Sticks
Cheese Steaks...(6 oz. portions)         4 pc. Chicken Dinner
Eggplant Cutlets

Cooked Meatballs... (1/2 oz., 1 oz, 2 oz)
Shrimp... (Raw 2 lb. P&D 16-20ct.)
Breaded Shrimp
Swai Fish
Fish Fillets... (5lb. Box, Breaded) Chicken Cutlets...(fully cooked, Italian-seasoned)
Chicken Finger


Caribbean Specialties

We offer top-quality Caribbean products. Bulk purchasing for your home will save money compared to buying in the supermarket.

Oxtails... (15 lb. box cut and trimmed)
Goat Meat... (10 lb. box cut)
Cow Feet
Beef Liver
Beef Kidney

Burnt Goat Heads
Burnt Cow Skins
King Fish

Mega Meats Inc
Mega Meats Inc

Pizza Supplies

Mega Meats is located in the heart of the largest market for pizza in the world, New York City. We supply all necessary items for your pizzeria.

Mozzarella... (San Genaro)
Flour... (Pillsbury)
Pizza Boxes... (12,14,16,18)

711 Tomatoes
Sapporito Pizza Sauce
Pasta... (Penne, Spaghetti, Linguine)


Burgers... (4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, special blended available)
Ground Meat... (beef, pork, veal, lamb)
Sausage... (sweet, hot, breakfast links, breakfast patties)
Bacon... (15 lb. layer, slab, bits)
Salami... (Delusso, Liguri)

Sabrett Franks
Corned Beef... (raw, cooked)
Roast Beef... (raw, cooked)
Hams... (Citterio, Hatfield Square)

Mega Meats Inc
Mega Meats Inc


Eggs... (extra-large, 15 dz cartons, 30 dz loose)
Mozzarella... (San Genaro, shredded)
Fresh Mozzarella...(1lb., Boccincini, Loaves)
American Cheese...(Land of Lakes yellow, white, sliced)
Ricotta... (Pollio, Montego Taranta, fresh dipped)
Grated Romano... (Mega Meats, imported)
Butter... (1 lb. blocks, cups)

Oils and Condiments

Top Fry... (for the deep fryer)
Soybean... (all-purpose)
Corn Oil
Canola Oil
10% Oil... (10% olive oil, 90% vegetable oil)
Pure Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Vinegar... (red, white, balsamic)
Pomace Oil
Cooking Wine... (white, sherry, Marsala)
Roasted Peppers
Pepper Strips... (strips, hot, cans)

Tomatoes... (whole, crushed, puree, 711, Sapporito)
Olives... (black pitted, sliced, green, Kalamata)
Mushrooms... (Cans, Fresh Tubs, Marinated)
Dressings... (Italian, Caesar, blue cheese, ranch, French, Russian, creamy Italian, honey mustard)
Mayonnaise... (Hellman's, Admiration)
Sauces... (ketchup, BBQ, hot)

Mega Meats Inc
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Paper Supplies

Pizza Boxes... (12, 14, 16, 18)
Paper Plates
Bags... (5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20)
Trays...(7, 8, 9)
Lids...(dome, flat foil, 7, 8, 9)

Foil...(12 in. roll, 18 in. roll, pop-ups)
Plastic Film... (12 in., 18 in.)
Waxes... (12 x 15 dry wax, Jr. Wax)
Pizza Stacks